Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memory Of Half An Hour As Homeless

That very night, after finishing my Maghrib prayer, I recite some surah from the Alqur’an. Suddenly, Aish came into my room (which I shared with Bah)…
She asked me, “Macam mana? Jadi tak malam ni?”

Then I looked at Bah saying, “Jadi la kan Bah. Jom la gi sekarang. Bagitau Nadia sekali.” Thus the four of us get ourselves ready and we went to Kak Yusra’s house. Actually, our plan that night was going to Kak Yusra’s house to have a look at the t-shirts that she sells.

As we finished seeing those t-shirts, and decided to buy some that seems attractive for us, we went back to our house at the level 14. As soon as we arrive, everyone look at each other. I asked, “Saya tak bawak kunci ni. Korang ada bawak tak?. Aish said, “Aish pun tak bawak. Bah also said, “Tak bawak jugak”. So, we looked at Nadia and waited for her answer.“Nampaknya semua tak bawak. Takpe, kite mintak tolong budak medic la.Apa lagi…”, Nadia said. “Sape budak medic yang ada?”,asked Bah.

Eda is the only one that is in the house.The others are still not coming back from the campus. So, Nadia called Eda (luckily she brought her handphone as Aish, Bah and me myself didn’t bring ours, Hu99x). We called Eda three times but she didn’t pick up the call. So, we tried another way to open the door that is by using the cards in our wallet. As expected, it’s hopeless. No sign of the door to open and no sign of Eda’s voice.

Then, we got another idea. We called Moh( front house) and asked her to open their door. Then, Moh open their door and she was quite surprised because she saw all four of us in front of the door. We quickly grab a fork and a spoon from their kitchen to make it as the tool to open the door. While doing this activity, we look exactly like a bunch of thieves trying to sneak into the house. For this attempt, it also failed. The last hope is to shout Eda’s name as loud as possible as she may be sleeping in her room. After shouting for a couple minutes, we heard her voice saying, “Kejap!!!”. After half an hour of desperation, she finally opened the door. When she opened the door, it was like a big victory for us. To make it an exaggeration, our faces were shining like we got A’s for all the exam paper… What a victory!!!

Eda said that she was very sorry. She was in the toilet and couldn’t come out as soon as possible. We forgave her as it was also our fault for not bringing the key.

Last but not least, this is one of the unforgettable moments in my year 1 of dental study. There are lots more but it is very hard to express the feeling of this friendship in a sheet of paper. Let the memory remain in my mind and may Allah bless the relationship of 2nd batch dental students. I’m truly sorry for this experience of mine as it may not as interesting as all of your experience. I’m truly sorry…


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