Thursday, October 29, 2009

Memoir Quiz

One Best Answer
Note: This is ONE BEST ANSWER type of questions so please choose ONE BEST ANSWER only!!!

1. Which of the following best described your feeling during the first semester at FoD?
A. Sunshine
B. Stone
C. Computer chip
D. Mamee Slrrpp (curry flavour)
E. about:blank

2. What was your favorite subject during the 1st year of study at FoD?
A. Anatomy
C. Behavioral Science and Oral Health
D. Arabic
E. None of the above

3. Who was your favorite lecturer during the 1st year of study at FoD?
A. Prof Hasan
B. Sir Abdullah
C. Ku Nur Farhah
D. Myself
E. All of the above

4. What do you think about Fod’s 2nd batch students @ your classmate?
A. Sweet like chocolate
B. Remind me to National Zoo
C. Love peace, no war
D. Shinjuku Incident
E. i Robot

5. Which of the phrase below best described you now?
A. “Hello, I’m a Mac…And I’m a PC”
B. “An an an…Doraemon!!!”
C. “Macam-macam ada!”
D. “Aja ,aja Hwaiting!”
E. Write your own phrase: Alhamdulillah…

Modified Essay Questions
Note: Answer all question, but you may leave blank if you’re ‘blank’.

1. The 1st year at FoD gave many unforgettable experiences, memories, and moments.
a) Write 3 most valuable moments that you remember? ( 1.5 M)
b) Write 3 moments that you want to forget the most (but you can’t!)(1.5 M)
a) USIM & oral health promotion at SMATH & SMKAMH,trip to Kelantan,and semester break.
b) 2 dreadful weeks of Professional Exam, every Arabic examinations, and Debate Competition during National Month.

2. State things that you had learnt in the 1st year at FoD (accept during lecture session). (2 M)

1.How to accept people. As I’ll spend 4 years more at FoD with my classmates, so I have to accept them as my friends, no matter how much different our thought, characters and accents are.
2.How to handle depression and avoid giving up things. Thanks for my friends that always gave me a lot of support and courage, and taught me what it means to be His Caliph.
3.How to take care of my health and teeth.

I would like to thank everybody in the class: Safura, Diyana, Najwa, Ain, Hanisah, Farhah, Nadia, Sarah, Hana, Hazimah, Aish, Nusaibah, Sakinah, Zakiah, Amelia, Aishah, Farhanah, Syifak, Sofhia, Munirah, Nurin, Sulaiman, Faez, Azim, Hafizi, Nadzirin…. & a lot of sorry too :P .

Good Luck

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