Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pressure Test

"It's a doomsday."

I didn't remember how many times I had repeated those words during the test until my day was really doomed.

* * *

It was all started just after we finished the final exam for the seventh semester, when we were reminded about a test that had been long forgotten - THE COMPETENCY TEST.


Then the semester break flew away just like that and the nightmare began. Truly, we couldn't run from anything in this world, except a dog.

I was troublesomed by my social-less lifestyle and lack of presence more than not having patient for the upcoming test, which was two day after the new semester started. Why? Because of that, I didn't get any message about it(not even through the thin air, technology had really killed it!) and as a result, I was enlisted to be among the first 'black-sheep' group to be tested.

Blank. Blank. Blank.

Alhamdulillah, luckily my partner had voluntarily passed her patient with maybe a golden case(Class II DO) to me just the morning of the day for the test(I knew you just wanted to escaped..hohoh). Just took it like that as I was not so sure what the afternoon would be. Nobody knows except Him.

To cut the long story short.

The patient arrived 5 minutes later than the exact appointment time (appointment time -2:30p.m, arrival time- 2:35p.m. The appointment time itself was very late. Don't ask me why. Better late than never!). I could put the blame on Le Tour de Langkawi and forgave him (although he works with MPAJ, just a neighbour building).

Explanation to patient + screening by doctor,

"Complete the E&D, take x-ray,do EPT test and present before 3 o'clock."

"Yes, Sir!!!" I wanted to address him like that instead of Doctor.

3.45 p.m. I didn't have any idea how did I lost the previous 10 minutes.

Why was the x-ray room seemed so far away in another kingdom? Another 15 minutes gone.

Presentation in progress... (tried my best to act cool and normal).


The slang of the doctor+his voice underneath his mask+my hearing blocked due to flu = I didn't really get what he was saying, yet I did stupid thing by nodding my head freely, three of us stared at each other, waiting for a crow to pass by, until another examiner doctor mention something about "LA".

"What is the type of the LA?"



I took the cartridge and read (nervously but without guilty) "Mepivacaine". Thanks to the manufacturer.

Applying rubber dam on patient was one of the reason why human cannot be alone, no matter how anti-social you are. But some tricks did save the time. The feeling of passing this challenge was like I just went through half of the challenge, although I was not even half of the half itself. Whatever it was, at least the time to hold the handpiece had finally come.

The bracket table seemed a milestone away from me, so I pulled it close towards me. It backed off. I pulled it again and like a spring, it backed off. "Wanna fight, huh?". This time I pulled it stronger and...

"(Imagine the sound of dental instruments falling down to the floor. Or the sound of pots colliding during rewang.)"

Panic at the clinic. What would you do? Save the burs first!!!! (And I leave the rest for your imagination).

Caries free, cavity preparation, Dycal, GIC lining, Amalgam... all of our daily routines and best friends were there. Sounds normal, right? Except for the pop questions from the doctors that made me wanted to think that I was having short-term amnesia due to the test shock!

5:00pm - I was the 'Cinderella' who was still trying her best to carve the Amalgam into some unknown tooth morphology against the clock chime.

"Have you fractured the amalgam?" asked the 'stepfather' doctor.

"No." No way! "I am removing the high spots.".

Less than 5 minutes later, Cinderella me walked towards 'stepfather' doctor with a white flag on her back.

"Doctor, I've fractured the amalgam."

"I know."

Why was I not surprised with your answer?

* * *

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